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About Us

Head of our team - super smart, caring and sensible legal advice

Bradford  Hill


Being charged with a criminal offence or dealing with a family law matter can be difficult and stressful. My job is to reduce the uncertainty and stress whilst giving you a clear strategy on how to resolve your legal matter. Unlike other lawyers, we work with other professionals, eg. psychologists, accountants, counsellors, medical professionals and financial planners so that you will have an effective team working together to assist you.


Experience has shown me that clients who seek early advice achieve better outcomes. On the other hand, clients who do not seek early advice tend to spend more on legal fees and take longer to resolve their matters. If you're not sure where you stand or would like a second opinion, get in touch.


I understand that choosing a lawyer is a personal choice and that my firm will not suit everybody. To see if we are right for you, we ask that you meet with us, let us gain an understanding of your personal circumstances  and your legal issue, then jointly decide if we can work together. We can then discuss our fees and a way to move forward.

Our efficient and friendly paralegal

Brooke Kaukiainen


Brooke is our friendly paralegal and office manager. If you drop in to the office, you'll be greeted by Brooke's smiling face and warm welcome. 

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